Slovenian Railway Museum

The Railway Museum located in a locomotive depot at Parmova 35 started to emerge in the 1960s and has gradually developed into a small but well laid-out and comprehensive museum. The central building is the locomotive garage called rotunda and presents some of the collection of steam engines and other museum vehicles. A permanent exhibition of other key sciences needed for a railway to operate is located in the nearby ancillary building of the rotunda.

In the first room, one can experience the atmosphere in stationmaster’s office at a small railway station in the final years of the Austria-Hungary monarchy, equipped with everything needed for traffic management and ticket sales.

The second room contains nine types of railway tracks from various periods and railway administrations, reflecting various rulers on the Slovenian territory. Small railway vehicles with trolleys standing on them were once used by line supervisors and maintainers. Manual tools and aids bear witness to how difficult maintenance used to be. The development of the railway network in Slovenia is presented with seven maps from different periods, alongside which old railway boundary stones remind us of the past.

One museum room is devoted to basic devices for the transmission of messages, like telegraphs, telephones and teleprinters, as well as apparatuses of higher levels like short-wave and FM radio stations, devices for registration of telephone conversations, station public address systems, as well as system of railway clocks.

A special space is set aside for railway uniforms, the "garment of honour", as designed over time. Here, certain work equipment of railway workers is also gathered, including the especially charming manual railway lanterns. 

In the area of signalling and safety devices, the museum contains a representative collection of electromechanical and electrodynamic block devices and other devices – both dating back to the oldest and more recent history. There are the most common devices as well as curiosities and unique pieces.

A small art gallery presents visitors with works of art dedicated to the railway.


Further information 

Railway Museum of Slovenian railways 

Parmova 35, Ljubljana 

Telephone: +386 1 29 12 641, +386 1 29 12 643 

Reception: +386 1 29 12 818

Working hours: all days except Mondays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., for groups, by agreement.


Entrance fee


Adults: 8 €

Children, school children, students, elderly people: 4 €

Adults (group of min. 10 persons): 4 €

Children, school children, students, elderly people (group of min. 10 persons): 3 €                      

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children): 20 €

Pre-school children, disabled, unemployed and museum card (SMD, ICOM) holders:  Free entrance

The Railway Museum of Slovenian Railways


Guided tours

Guided tours in Slovene language: 30 €

Guided tours in foreign language (German, English): 50 €

Please, book a guided tour by phone (00386 1 29 12 641 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least a week prior to the visit.



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