Grem z vlakom – mobile application of Slovenske železnice

Check train timetables on your mobile app. 

In April 2015, Slovenske železnice have launched an in-house mobile application – Grem z vlakom (On the way by train), which is designed for the Android operating system. The application offers basic information on train timetables for the Slovenian network and information on delays as well as disruptions in traffic. Despite the fact that mobile applications with similar content already exist on the market, our application offers some additional useful options that will be of benefit to our regular passengers in particular.

The “Grem z vlakom” mobile application was developed by the information technology department at Slovenske železnice, d. o. o. Its creative image was designed by the agency Renderspace, d. o. o., where they also participated at designing the user experience of the application. As mentioned above, the ”Grem z vlakom” mobile application is designed for the Android operating system and informs the user on: timetables of SŽ passenger trains within the Slovenian network, potential service disruptions and train delays for a chosen destination, all delays and disruptions in traffic as well as regular rates of travel.

At the same time, the application allows users to add the routes, where they travel most often, to their favourites. The application is directly connected with the Slovenske železnice information system and requires an active internet connection, mainly due to refreshing data on delays and disruptions in traffic. Train timetables usually change once a year, with eventual changes updating regularly. 

The mobile application now involves the most useful options, but will be regularly improved in the future. Among other things, we will add a GPS search engine of departure stations, which will enable users to search for their nearest station. We will also add a setting for receiving short messages on train delays and traffic disruptions for your favourite routes. Users will also receive information on current bargain offers for train travel.

Since the use of mobile phones with iOS is growing in Slovenia, we will also develop a mobile application designed for iPhone users.  

As mobile applications are developing rapidly, we will stay informed with technological advances and make continuous improvements to our ”Grem z vlakom” mobile application for it to stay up to date and user friendly.