Travel with bike and train

Combining bikes and trains is possible on domestic and international services.

You can take your bicycle with you also when travelling abroad. In timetable leaflets for domestic and foreign travel, trains allowing transport of bicycles are marked with a framed bicycle symbol.

Certain provisions apply when combining bike and train:

• Passengers must travel with the same train as their bicycle.

• Passengers may transport only one bicycle.

• Passengers load the bicycle by themselves, keep an eye on the bicycle during transport and unload the bicycle at the final destination.

• Passengers travelling to a foreign country purchase a ticket for bicycle transport in Slovenia.

• Passengers travelling to Slovenia from abroad purchase a ticket for bicycle transport abroad. The price for combining bike and train may vary according to the direction of travel. The stated prices for bicycle transport apply for the whole route, i.e. in Slovenia and abroad.

Price list

Bicycle rates for domestic transport (in Slovenia) are distance-independent. The cost of bicycle transportation is €1.50 and the cost of electric bicycle transportation is €3.00.

Country From Slovenia a) (EUR) From abroad b) (EUR)

a) ticket for bicycle transport is purchased in Slovenia

b) ticket for bicycle transport is purchased abroad



Austria 5.00 12.00
Hungary 5.00 5.00
Croatia 5.00 5.00

Restrictions when combining bike and train

Construction work on tracks may occasionally involve changed regimes for train travel. In such cases, a replacement bus service is arranged for certain scheduled trains. 

As transport of bicycles can also be disrupted, please check all possibilities for combining bike and train before travel.

Further information

Further information on combining bike and train on the way to certain destinations are available at international ticket counters and info centres.