To Istanbul for as little as €129

Slovenske železnice in association with Optima Tours has prepared a top-value offer which lets you take a train straight to Istanbul, Turkey – together with your car on board.

Enjoy the ride relaxing in one of the couchette cars as the train sets off for Edirn in Turkey (near the Bulgarian border), from where a connecting bus service will bring you to Istanbul (the bus fare is included in the price of your train ticket). To set the mood, the train includes a restaurant car serving refreshments and traditional Turkish food. 

Fares and travel times

The train journey normally takes 28h, with another 2h for the bus ride. The fare for a journey from Ljubljana to Istanbul in Standard Class 6-berth compartment is €129.00 a person.

Tickets can also be purchased online on

Cars on board

Longing to see Turkey, but don't want to leave your car behind? No problem. Drive to the train station in Villach, Austria and have your vehicle loaded on the motorail train, while you spend the rest of the journey relaxing in a comfortable berth with the final destination only a day away. After arriving to the Turkish station of Edirn, which is located about 18km away from the Bulgarian border, simply pick up your car and hit the road – be it to Istanbul, which is roughly 240km away from Edirn, or elsewhere around Turkey.


A seasonal timetable applies to all car train services. In May, June, and October (low season), trains run once a week, while the frequency doubles to four services every week from June to September (high season).  

More information and booking

For additional information, please visit our InfoCentre in Ljubljana, call +3861 29 13 391 between 8:00 and 15:00, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Turkey

Be it towering mountains or sunny sand beaches, exciting night life spots or hospitable local places, diverse cultural heritage or invaluable archaeological sites, renowned sights or a rich mosaic of natural wealth – everyone can find something to see or do in Turkey.