Best value for money

Did you know you can take a train to another country for as little as €8.00? 

Did you know you can take a train to another country for as little as €9.00? Check the list of our offers below for more information on international tickets that give value for money.  

Route Train Single/Return  EUR

* Tickets can be purchased up to two months in advance. As the number of seats available under the best-value offers Smart, Spar, and Special is limited, pre-purchasing is recommended. The promotion applies to travel in Standard Class accommodation; upgrading to First Class is not available. Best-value tickets are valid only on the journey date and the train service specified on the ticket, and cannot be refunded or replaced. It is good to purchase your best-value tickets at least a few days before making your journey. Best-value tickets are not available in case of service disruptions which involve a suspension of the booking system. 

München Smart and Frankfurt Smart offers are not applicable to journeys made on Fridays. 

When a part of your international journey involves travelling with ICS, a reduced ICS supplement of €3.60 is charged when making your seat reservation.

For more information on the availability of best-value tickets, please visit a station ticket office for international journeys. Inquiries regarding the availability of best-value offers cannot be made over the phone. If you plan on travelling throughout a specific country, check our InterRail offer. 

Ljubljana-Trieste C   Single 8,00
Beograd Spezial*      
Ljubljana-Beograd MV 414/415 Single 25.00
Zagreb Spezial      
Ljubljana-Zagreb   Single 9,00
Reka Spezial      
Ljubljana-Reka   Single 9,00
Budapest Spezial*      
Ljubljana-Budimpešta/Hodoš IC 247/246 Single/Return 15.00/30.00
SparSchiene Wien*      
Ljubljana-Dunaj EC Emona 150/151 Single 29.00
Celje-Dunaj EC Emona 150/151 and
EC Croatia 158/159
Single 29.00
Maribor-Dunaj EC Emona 150/151 and
EC Croatia 158/159
Single 29.00
Praga Spezial*      
Ljubljana-Praga EC212/RJ536/RJ370 and RJ73/RJ539/MV315 Single 39.00
SparSchiene Zürich*      
Ljubljana-Zürich   Single 29.00
Ticket + sleeping berth   Single 39.00
Ticket + turist   Single 59.00
Ticket + Double   Single  79.00
München Spar/Smart Night*      
Frankfurt Smart *      
Frankfurt-Ljubljana EC Mimara 113/213 Single 49.00