Villa Opicina

Travel from Slovenia to Italy via Villa Opicina. 

On the route to Villa Opicina there are six established connections, which are further linked with Ljubljana, Pula and Koper. 

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Timetable is valid from 9 December 2018 to 14 December 2019.

Ljubljana-Villa Opicina

Departure  R1802* R1804  R1806* R1808 R1810  R1812* 
Ljubljana 4.30*  8.15 10.44* 14.35 18.55 19.50*
Villa Opicina 6.29 10.11 12.39 16.37 20.54 21.48

Villa Opicina - Ljubljana

Arrival R1801   R1803** R1805 * R1807
 Villa Opicina  7.00  10.30  13.27*  17.40
 Divača**    10.51    
 Divača    10.59    
 Ljubljana  8.57  12.36  15.25  19.39

From Villa Opicina you can continue your travel further afield Italy. Villa Opicina is connected with the centre of Trieste by a local bus service ( You can travel from Slovenia to Italy also via Villach.

Price list for local border traffic between Sežana and Villa Opicina

Single ticket EUR 2.00

Single ticket with 50% discount EUR 1.00

Holders of flat fare international tickets (InterRail, Eurail with included route of SŽ, FIP) or NRT tickets with the destination station of Sežana have a possibility to travel between Sežana and Villa Opicina for free.

Children up to 6 years (until the day of their 6th birthday) travel for free.

Children from 6 to 12 years (until the day of their 12th birthday) have a 50% discount when purchasing a ticket.

Tickets for one-way travel are valid for 1 day.

Passengers on their way to Sežana, travel according to the provisions provided in the internal tariff – price list for internal traffic. Prices for individual destinations can be searched for in the timetable search field on the top of the page.