Cycling by train to other countries

Are you travelling abroad and would like to take your bike with you? Here is what you need to know. 


Trains which carry accompanied bicycles are marked accordingly in train timetables both home and abroad. 

Please note the following restrictions on accompanied cycles:

• Unaccompanied bicycles or motorcycles cannot be carried on any services – you need to travel together with your cycle at all times;

• Only one bicycle or motorcycle is allowed per passenger;

• The bicycle is carried on and off the train, and kept safe during the journey by the passenger on their own;

• When travelling abroad with your cycle, the international bicycle ticket needs to be purchased at a train station in Slovenia;

• When returning with your bicycle to Slovenia, the international bicycle ticket needs to be purchased in the country of departure. Note that bicycle fares are subject to your journey destination. The fares listed below apply to the entire route, i.e. both the Slovenian and international leg of the journey.  


Bicycles fares
CountryFrom Slovenia * (EUR)From abroad ** (EUR)
* Ticket purchased in Slovenia
** Ticket purchased abroad
Austria 5.00 12.00
Hungary 5.00 5.00
Croatia 5.00 5.00

More information

Route-specific information about cycling by train is available at train stations with an international ticket office, as well as from our call centres.  

Additional restrictions 

Engineering work may affect train services, with rail replacement bus services providing connections in place of regular trains. 

During such periods, please double check if bicycles are allowed on the transport services you will be travelling with.