Plan your journey

Plan your journey using Google Transit.

Plan your journey using Google Transit.

Tired of stressing over traffic jams? Try going by train instead and plan your journey with Google Transit!  

Google Transit is a service which allows you to plan your trip using public transit, amongst other promoting environmentally-friendly travel.  The service is a welcome tool for both experienced travellers as well as people who are about to start their first big journey. 

Google Transit offers information on stops, stations, connecting services, and schedules, providing overview of the entire journey by transport mode, which makes planning simple and easy. The maps are available in twelve different languages.  You can plan your trip from city to city or by country and combine different modes of public transport, e.g. train and bus.  Over 480 cities worldwide are currently covered by the service.

Incorporating Google Transit into the website of Slovenske železnice was done in the framework of Civitas Elan, an EU project aimed at implementing sustainable mobility solutions in several European cities, including Ljubljana. Launched in 2008, the project provided important EU funding to Slovenske železnice, and is expected to end in 2015.