Young adults under 26 years of age

Travelling by train is cool! With 30 percent off all travel across Slovenia and Croatia; and a 25 percent discount off travel abroad with RailPlus.

Travelling by train is easy and convenient! Young adults between 12 and 26 years of age are eligible for the following discounts: 

• 30% off all rail fares throughout Slovenia (domestic travel),

• 30% off rail fares for trains running between Slovenia and Croatia (international travel),

• 30% off return ticket fares to Villach, Klagenfurt, and Graz as part of the offer by Regio AS,

• 25% off Railplus ticket fares for international direct trains (both one-way and return journeys).

Railplus discount is applicable strictly to international journeys, and does not apply to foreign domestic tickets. Railplus tickets can be purchased at a station International Ticket Office.


SŽ discount card contains information on its owner, type of annual discount, and the period of validity. SŽ discount card is not transferable, and must be used together with a personal document. 

SŽ discount card has a validity period of one year from the month of purchase (e.g. a card purchased on September 2015 can be used until the end of September 2016). If you would become 26 years old during the validity period of your SŽ discount card, it shall be issued for a period up to the month of your birthday. SŽ discount card can be renewed up to 7 calendar days before it expires.

Please note: Discounted tickets cannot be purchased on-board the train. This does not apply if there was no ticket office at the station at which you began your journey or if the ticket office was closed and there was no ticket machine from which you could buy a discounted ticket.