Family travel

After a tiring week at work, take the whole family on a short (or long) trip, a pleasant and interesting train journey which your kids will enjoy.

Travelling with kids? With a Family Railcard, you can enjoy 40% off standard adult fares while your children can travel with you free of charge.


The family discount applies to parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren listed in the Family Railcard (K-17). 


Holders of the Family Railcard make the following savings:

  • 40% off adult fares and kids' fares for children over 12 
  • Tickets completely free of charge for children under 12 inclusive 


The discount is applicable to First and Standard Class journeys across Slovenia throughout the year. You can also use your Family Railcard to purchase an international ticket, however the discount only applies to the part of your journey that takes place on our network.

Are you eligible

The discount applies when a child under 12 inclusive and at least one person over 12 are travelling together and are both be listed on the Family Railcard. Up to 10 persons can travel on the card they are listed on. Note that the named Railcard holders must be travelling with at least one child under 12 to be eligible. Always make sure you have the physical Railcard with you to be able to get a discount on your rail ticket. 

Where to buy

If you have a permanent residence in Slovenia, you can purchase the Family Railcard over the counter at a staffed station ticket office upon submitting a personal document.

Fare: €7.00

Period of validity: One year