Town of Celje and the Counts of Celje

Take a trip to Celje, Slovenia's third largest city, and explore the history of the Counts of Celje.

A trip to Celje, the third largest city in Slovenia, is another interesting suggestion. If you prefer traveling by train, you can choose one of our interesting programmes, which include professionally guided sightseeing tours, visits to wine cellars, international fairs, shopping tours, boat trips, lunch breaks and much more.

Why visit Celje?

Celje is situated beside the Savinja River and boasts rich history, which flourished during the dynasty of the Counts of Celje. The Old Castle Celje reminds the visitor of life during their ''reign'' and offers a magnificent view of this historical town and its surrounding area. The old town centre is well preserved and a walk through the old town conjures up the notion of that time.

Programme A

• Train journey to Celje and back

• Special bus service to the Old Castle Celje, walk through the town centre and visit to the Celje Regional Museum

• Lunch (prior agreement)

Programme description

Travel by train to Celje where you will board a bus to the old castle.

At the castle you will be given a medieval reception and guided tour of the castle. You will continue your tour by visiting the town of Celje and its regional museum, which tells the story of the Celje region from prehistoric times to the end of the First World War (open-air archaeological site and lapidarium, exhibition of the life of Alma Karlin, an international traveller). You can also view the exhibition of the heritage pillaged over the last ten years, entitled “You would not believe it”.

You spend the afternoon by taking a pleasant boat ride on the lake and visiting its surrounding area. The captain of the Lake queen will teach you about the life in the lake and around it. You will also visit fishing spots, boathouse and some other hidden areas of the lake. Lunch or snack can be arranged for the end of the tour.

Programme B

• Train journey to Celje and back 

• Special bus service to the Old Castle Celje 

• Walk through the town centre and visit to the Museum of Recent History Celje, featuring a permanent exhibition entitled “Living in Celje” and the only children’s museum in Slovenia Hermanov brlog (Herman' Den).

Programme description

This programme is intended for youth and children.

The children can enjoy the company of Herman, a friendly young fox who takes the children into the world of grown-ups through playing in his den. The children's museum puts on a new exhibition every year. Through active play with their friend Herman, children learn about money, sport, nature and animals. Last autumn the castle opened its doors to a children’s gallery where art created by children from different European countries is on display.

Programme C

• Train journey to Celje and back 

• Walk through the town centre, visit to the Celje Regional Museum and Skylight Photographic studio of Josip Pelikan

• Special bus service to the Terme Dobrna thermal resort 

• Dinner in the basement of Villa Higiea

Programme description

For grown-up visitors we have prepared a special programme - visit to the Terme Dobrna health resort. You travel to Dobrna accompanied by your guide, visit the health resort park and buildings that make up the resort complex: Hotel Zdraviliški dom, Vila Švicarija, Gospodarska hiša, Vila Higiea, Hiša na trati and Huba. The tour continues at the health resort headquarters where you can relax over a cup of herbal tea and enjoy the presentation about the traditional Kneipp treatment and health resort itself. Five key treatments available at Terme Dobrna are: hydrotherapy, healthy diet, herbal treatment, exercise therapy and psychotherapy. Afterwards, you can enjoy a relaxing swim and a very special dinner – Sebastian’s dinner in the basement of Vila Higiea.


The price depends on the selected programme and the distance from the departure train station to Celje. 

Included in the price:

Rail journey by standard train service from the station of departure to Celje and back,

contents of your chosen programme,

professionally guided tour,

bus journey,

admission to museums and the old castle.


Boat tour (programme A),

lunch (prior agreement),

admission tickets,

wine tasting in the cellar of Dobrna health resort,

visit to the international trade exhibition in September,

bus journey to Tuš and Mercator shopping centres, sports centre and cinema complex Planet Tuš and Kolosej Mercator.   

Number of people:

min. 20

Target groups:

Groups of kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, groups of elders.


Throughout the year on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.(Lake Šmartinsko boat tours – from May to September).  

Validity on trains:

Valid for travel in 2nd class carriages on all trains except InterCity Slovenia services (ICS).

Registration and payment:

Register at least 5 days prior to travelling. Groups larger than 50 people should register at least 8 days in advance.

Register and pay for the excursion at the ticket counter on the station where your trip begins, or at our sales representatives in Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje.