Slovenian Littoral – Educational tour

Explore the attractions of the Slovenian coast, which is short, but nevertheless visually compelling and inviting. Also make an interesting and educational visit to the Port of Koper.


• Train journey to Koper and back

• Visit to the Port of Koper, where you experience a true “school lesson’’ and see the functioning of this important Slovenian port first hand. 

• Expert guidance around port’s piers, dockside loading machines and warehouses – experience of a well-organized and efficiently operated seaport operation.

Programme duration

The visit to the Port of Koper lasts about 45 minutes and includes some bus travel. Afterwards you have a choice of taking a bus ride to Piran or Portorož where you can enjoy local attractions and take a peaceful walk by the sea. You return to the Koper train station by bus.

Additional offer - sightseeing boat tour, picnic … 

You can make your visit to the Slovenian coast more interesting and dynamic by taking a ride on a Subaquatic motor boat. This is the only vessel of this kind on the Slovenian coast and in the Adriatic. Climb aboard this glass bottom boat, view the underwater world and enjoy a sightseeing tour.

Your sightseeing journey will begin in a small harbour by the Bernardin hotel and continue passing the bay of Portorose and towns of Piran, Fiesa, Pacug and Strunjan. From the boat you will enjoy an open view of the old salt warehouses, Savudrija peninsula, the walled town of Piran, the Madonna headland with a lighthouse, the Church of St George, the bay of Strunjan with shell farms and the oldest salt pans in the north-eastern Adriatic. The tour lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you wish to enhance your experience even more, you can enjoy a picnic on the boat, take professionally guided coast tours, go swimming in the Žusterna aqua park, visit the Piran aquarium ... The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. We leave the choice to you!


The price depends on the distance from the departure train station to Koper.  


Included in the price: Rail journey by standard train service from the station of departure to Koper and back, 
bus journey.
Supplements: Lunch, 
boat tour,
sightseeing admissions on request.
Number of people: Min. 40
Target groups: Groups of kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, groups of elders.
Dates: Throughout the year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Validity on trains: Valid for travel in 2nd class carriages on all trains except InterCity Slovenia services (ICS).
Registration and payment: Register at least 5 days prior to travelling. Groups larger than 50 people should register at least 8 days in advance.

You register and pay for the excursion at the ticket counter on the station where your trip begins, or at our ticket offices in Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje.

Have Koper in your pocket before visiting!