Šalek Valley and town of Velenje

Experience the blue lakes and learn about the exploitation of the underground lignite mine where works started as far back as 1889.


Experience the blue lakes and learn about the stories of miners working in the underground lignite world, where works started as far back as 1889.

Why visit Velenje?

The Šaleška Valley boasts the largest Slovenian coalmine and biggest Slovenian thermal power plant. The region is mostly known for its industry, but you will be pleasantly surprised, when you discover the magnificent blue lakes and set out on an underground journey to discover the thickest layers of coal in the Coal mining museum in Velenje.

Programme: 6 hours

Travel by train to Velenje and back. A tourist guide will meet you at the train station and take you on a short stroll towards the Velenje Lake. Once there, the experts from Erico Velenje (Environmental Research & Industrial Co-operation Institute) will invite you to a brief and interesting computer-aided presentation on the environmental effects of coal mining and coal fired power plants.

Your walk will continue by the Velenje Lake to Stari jašek (Old Shaft), where guides from the Coal mining museum will be expecting you. You will be lowered 180 m down the old mineshaft to explore the underground lignite mine built in 1889. The guides will recreate the story about the hard life of miners, their work in dusty, airless conditions and the dangers of falling coal and exploding gas. The story includes 18 scenes and 15 miner mannequins, and shows miners during their working shifts and resting periods. State of the art audio-visual equipment will function as a time machine and take you 100 years back in time.

In the modern part of the museum, you will see some interesting displays of mining equipment, including an area that has been mechanised over the past few decades, when modern roof supports and machines were introduced into the Velenje coal mine. You will also be treated to a proper miner's lunch in an underground canteen, deep below the Earth's surface.

At the end of your visit you will be invited to take a ride on the underground mine train.


The price depends on the selected programme and the distance from the departure train station to Velenje.

Included in the price:  

Rail journey by standard train service from the station of departure to Velenje and back,

contents of your chosen programme,

professionally guided tour.


Supplements: Lunch in the Jezero restaurant
Number of people: Min. 20
Target groups: Groups of kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, groups of elders.
Dates: Throughout the year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Validity on trains: Valid for travel in 2nd class carriages on all trains except InterCity Slovenia services (ICS).