Prekmurje (Upper Mur Valley)

Prekmurje is a region where the past and present walk hand in hand. Rediscover old crafts, experience the firing of black pottery, visit the regional museum and much more.

Why visit Murska Sobota?

Murska Sobota is the capital of Prekmurje region, hiding countless interesting places to visit within its Pannonian landscape. You will discover some of them by walking through the streets of the town with an expert guide.


  • Train journey to Murska Sobota and back
  • Visit to the Murska Sobota Regional Museum (in the castle) 
  • Lunch
  • Rediscovering old crafts 
  • Experiencing the firing of black pottery
  • Visit to the “White Dove” church

At the regional museum, located in the Murska Sobota Castle, you will learn about the history, development and geographic characteristics of Prekmurje region. Visit the permanent exhibition, which tells the story about life in the Mura River region, from prehistoric times to the present day.

A lunch break will follow, after which you will head off to discover some of the traditional old crafts, still alive in the region alongside the Mura River. First you will learn about »doužnjeki«. You will also experience how black pottery products are fired inside a round-shaped furnace, which can rarely be seen today, and how to make a »pütra« by hand.

And at the end of the trip, you will visit the “White Dove” church, a unique blend of old and new. This magnificent building created by the world-renowned master architect encompasses numerous landscape treasures arousing the curiosity of travellers and inviting them to experience the vastness of fields, listen to the whispers of the Mura River and meet friendly people. You will leave Murska Sobota full of new impressions, beautiful memories and a strong desire to return. Until the next time . . .


The price depends on the selected programme and the distance from the departure train station to Murska Sobota.

Included in the price: Travel by standard train service from the station of departure to Murska Sobota and back,
bus service, contents of your chosen excursion programme and admission fees,
programme organisation and realisation.
Supplements:  /
Number of people: Min. 40 to 49
Target groups: Groups of kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, groups of elders.
Dates: Throughout the year on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Validity on trains: Valid for travel in 2nd class carriages on all trains except InterCity Slovenia services (ICS).
Registration and payment: Register at least 5 days prior to travelling. Groups larger than 50 people should register at least 8 days in advance.
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