Track superstructure



Work on the superstructure of a standard ballasted track involves maintenance and replacement of the rails, fastening system, sleepers, and of the ballast bed, while ballastless track (a.k.a. slab track) requires maintenance and replacement of the steel track structures on the concrete pavement, switches (turnouts), crossings, and of dilatation joints.  Defects which appear after a period of time are removed to reduce material wear and tear, renew track geometry, and realign the tracks.

In engineering terms, the tracks of public rail infrastructure (PRI) comprise around 1,540km of rails and 2,400 switches. The types of rails and switches installed on the PRI under our maintenance include 49E1, 54E1, and 60E1 rail profiles and switch systems in both wooden and concrete sleepers. All lines on the Slovenian rail network are standard gauge (1,435mm).


Permissible rail loads    
[t/axle] 16 18 20 22.5
km 12.7 47.3 682.0 466.1
% 1 3.9 56.5 38.6