Rail network

Rail lines are classified into main and regional lines according to their respective volume, economic significance, and the connectivity provided.

Line lengthkm
TOTAL: 1,207.701 km
Double track 333.539 km
Single track 874.162 km
Track length 1,541.240 km

Lines by volume and economic significance 

Lines by track number

Superlative facts

While the superlatives of the Slovenian rail network aren’t as high as elsewhere in Europe, the diverse landscape of Slovenia nevertheless makes for some interesting rail facts.  

Superlative factsDescription
Source: SŽ statistics
Steepest line Prvačina-Štanjel line with a grade of 26.7 per mille
Longest horizontal line Ruše-Fala line section with a length of 6,500 m on the Maribor-Prevalje line
Longest plain Ptuj-Velika Nedelja line section with a length of 15,810m on the  Pragersko-Središče line 
Station located at the highest point above sea level Postojna station at 582m
Station located at the lowest point above the sea level Koper station at 3m
Longest bridge 575m long Težka voda bridge in Novo mesto on the industrial siding for Revoz factory 
Highest bridge 30m high Most na Soči  (Soča bridge) across the Idrijca river 
Longest tunnel Bohinj tunnel, 6327.3m in length
Shortest tunnel In Radovljica, 25.03m in length
Oldest line Southern State Railway, Šentilj-Celje line,  2 June 1846 

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