Level crossings

A level crossing (hereinafter »NPr«) is an intersection where a rail line crosses a declared or non-declared public way in use by road traffic (hereinafter »road«) at the same level, excluding platform access paths or rail service passages.

Level crossings are set up or closed in cooperation with the road operators according to the conditions laid down in the applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. The setting up or closing process is monitored by an NPr commission, which is appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and comprises representatives of road operators, rail infrastructure managers, local communities, Ministry of the Interior, and safety authorities. 


Types of level crossings (NPr) 
Total NPr 787
NPr with automatic barriers (boom gates)  284
NPr with automatic flashing lights  21
NPr with hand-operated barriers (boom gates), flashing lights and warning tones  23
NPr with warning signs and no barriers - St. Andrews Cross (road sign) 451<