Corridor RFC 10


Corridor 10, the Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor, is the youngest of 11 operating rail corridors in Europe.

It became operational on 13 January 2020, when the first offer of carriageways was announced.

The corridor runs through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria to the border with Turkey.

There are two lines from Austria to Slovenia on the route Salzburg - Villach - Jesenice - Ljubljana - Zidani most and Wels - Linz - Gradec - Maribor - Celje - Zidani most. From Zidani most on, both branches will merge into the continuation of the route on the line Zagreb - Vinkovci - Šid - Belgrade - Niš - Dimitrovgrad - Sofia - Svilengrad.

The corridor runs along the historically shortest connection between Turkey and Western Europe and connects in Svilengrad on the border with Turkey with the new southern branch of the Euro-Asian railway connection.

The railway tunnel (Marmaray tunnel) under the Bosphorus now allows a direct rail connection to Turkey and further via Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to China.s).

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