Koridor X PLUS


To revive rail freight activities in the Balkans, which have been largely constrained by a series of wars and the associated instability in the area of the former Yugoslavia, efforts have been made recently to establish a new corridor which would connect the southern part of Germany with Turkey via Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria and thus revive the transport flows in the region. The plan has already been set in motion, with preliminary activities at the infrastructure companies currently ongoing, as well as a letter of intent signed by the majority of the states mentioned above. Once a political decision is finalised, an official proposal for the establishment of a new Rail Freight Corridor will be sent to the European Commission.

In this context, the Infrastructure Managers from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria have set up Koridor X PLUS, an association for the promotion and enhancement of this transport axis, which is regarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure as having a crucial role in the development of transport and logistics in the Republic of Slovenia. 

Koridor X PLUS aims to make the rail transport routes in the region more attractive, competitive, and of better quality, as well as to ensure a stable operating framework of this important European rail axis all the way up to Asia and prepare sound arguments for the creation of the new Rail Freight Corridor. Moreover, the association strives to improve the cooperation between Infrastructure Managers and rail carriers along the corridor, optimise border procedures, upgrade existing market projects, and facilitate a mutual exchange of best practice and other important information (key performance indicators).