Network Statement

Slovenian Railways Ltd (Slovenske železnice, d. o. o.) is responsible for the management of public railway infrastructure and the publication of the Republic of Slovenia's Network Programme, which is prepared in accordance with the Railway Transport Act and the Regulation concerning the allocation of railway routes and user charges on public rail infrastructure, as well as in accordance with the European Union's directives.

The Network Programme provides information on the Public Rail Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia (JŽI - javna železniška infrastruktura), the conditions of access, the process for allocating train routes, and information on available services for users of the Public Rail Infrastructure and the methods used to calculate user charges.

Moreover, the Network Programme includes information about the services provided by Slovenian Railways Ltd, and information about railway infrastructure which is not a part of the Public Rail Infrastructure.

The Network Programme is created by Slovenian Railways Ltd in cooperation with the Public Agency for Railway Transport of the Republic Slovenia. 


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