Ores, steel and coal

Reliable and quality just-in-time delivery in accordance with your needs.

With millions of tonnes carried every year, ores, steel and coal are by far the most frequent type of goods transported by SŽ-Tovorni promet. Train services hauling these high-volume goods are scheduled according to your demand to find the logistics solution that best suits your needs. 

Our services comprise:

• Just-in-time delivery of ores and coal in block trains or wagonloads  

• Transport of various iron, steel, and non-ferrous metal products 

• Transport of scrap metal from collection points to recycling facilities

We are always designing new logistics solutions to keep up with your wishes and continue being a reliable partner.

Coal and ores 

As the iron industry and coal-fired power stations require considerable quantities of these raw materials at precisely scheduled times, time-adjusted transport is crucial for their uninterrupted production. Most coal and ore is transported in complete trains. Cargoes of great quantities require accurate planning in raw materials delivery and cooperation with customers. The timely and reliable supply of raw materials is a key factor in reducing the necessary inventories and, consequently, cutting production costs. Along with the accuracy of transport, what matters most is flexibility and the ability to react to changes in the market. 

Iron and steel 

Scrap metal is waste material that is in high demand. Scraps are collected separately at waste yards and delivered by rail directly to industrial sidings of the recycling company. Given the diversity of the goods and the challenge involved in hauling them, specialised equipment and devices are required to carry out the transport, with typical loads including metal products that are very heavy (e.g. coils), long (e.g. slabs and tubes), and/or have large space requirements (e.g. tanks). Moreover, specific wagons are used to transport such metal structures, and the logistics solutions associated with delivering them to their destination are made on a case-by-case basis. Although comparably small in size, the market for non-ferrous metals is given our due attention because of its complexity and the rapid growth it is experiencing.  

Wagon types

The following types of wagons are most suitable for the carriage of ores, steel and coal: