Where time is critical, our door-to-door service operated under the brand name SŽ-Express is the way to go – specialising in quick and reliable delivery of smaller consignments, we get your goods to destinations accross Slovenia in 24 hours, or as few as 6 hours on distances of up to 15km from the logistics centres in Ljubljana, Maribor and Nova Gorica. Our express service is also active internationally, delivering your small consignments to or from many other European countries. Moreover, if you have heavier consignments, contact us in advance so we can adjust the transport to your needs. 

Core services

• Consignment collecting at the sender and delivery in good time across Slovenia and Europe

• Transport planning for part-load and full-load consignments in both Slovenia and abroad

• Customs clearance

• Customs and non-customs warehousing, commissioning of orders, package labelling, repacking etc.

Our advantages

• Flexibility and reliability 

• Individual approach to every order

• Wide range of consignments from palletised loads to goods in cardboard boxes 

• 24-hour delivery time across Slovenia, 6-hour delivery time for locations in the vicinity of the logistics centres in Ljubljana, Maribor, and Nova Gorica, and competitive transport times elsewhere in Europe

• Part-load carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) - excluding Class 1 and 7 substances

• Optimal logistics links between rail and road freight 

The quality and reliability of our services are attested by our ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

International delivery of small consignments 

In cooperation with our business partners abroad, we also deliver goods to destinations outside Slovenia in agreed transit times while providing customs warehousing and consignment monitoring across Europe, so you see at any time where your goods are currently at. 

International services comprise:

• Collecting consignments abroad and delivering them to Slovenia, and back 

• Customs clearance

• Warehousing in SŽ-Express’s own facilities

For more information, you can give us a call free of charge on +386 (0)80 10 66, or following the contact below.


SŽ Express

Kajuhova 51 

SI-1000 Ljubljana 

Phone: +386 1 29 12 829 

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