Young Female Managers in the Railway Museum of Slovenske Železnice

On Tuesday, November 8, the Female Managers' Section of the Managers' Association of Slovenia started the 8th generation of the so-called Mentoring Network with a visit to the railway heritage in the Railway Museum of Slovenian Railways. The program is intended for young female managers who want to gain additional knowledge and advice from more experienced Slovenian female managers. The goal of the program is to encourage and support female managers in taking on leadership positions and making career leaps. The program also advocates for greater representation of women in management positions. With the mentoring stories of the Mentor Network, the Manager Association has so far brought together 160 mentoring pairs over the course of seven years.

The introductory meeting at the Railway Museum of Slovenian Railways was hosted by Melita Dacar Rozman, M.Sc., the director of the company SŽ - Tovorni promet. In her welcome address, the host pointed out, among other things, the extraordinary importance of railway heritage, which all stakeholders should be aware of. The female managers, who were also addressed by Petra Juvančič, the executive director of the Managers' Association of Slovenia, spoke in particular about the activities of the mentoring program and about planning future cooperation.

About 30 Slovenian female managers enthusiastically visited the railway museum and walked among the timeless steam locomotives and other exhibits of the museum's railway heritage, the beginnings of which date back to the middle of the 20th century, when the Slovenian railwaymen decided that their museum would be located on the location of the Ljubljana Šiška boiler house , at Parmova Street 35.