E-Wagon request orders

Use our E-wagon request orders if you have goods that need loading.

If you are a registered user of e-Tovorni promet (e-Freight transport) and have goods that need loading, you can use our E-wagon request orders service at any time to order empty freight wagons, which your goods are loaded onto. The service also lets you check the status of your order(s), cancel order(s), and review order(s) by stations.

E-wagon request orders uses the same log-in details you received when registering with e-Freight transport. 

You can find the list of available wagon types together with information on their intended use in the wagon park catalogue on our website. 

Any orders must be made by 11:00am at the latest on the business day concerned, if you wish to have your goods loaded on the following business day. In case we won’t be able to complete your order, we will notify you by 3:00pm at the latest on the business day preceding the loading date. 

E-procurement of wagons also lets you cancel an order, in part or completely, the same way you first made the order.