A Path to Recovery: the Future of the Global Supply Chain

On Tuesday, September 27th, we took part in the conference A Path to Recovery: the Future of the Global Supply Chain in Belgrade. The conference brought together more than 100 experts and industry leaders from the wider region. They discussed in an open dialogue the overarching impact of the pandemic and the latest geopolitical developments on worldwide logistics, focusing on their view of the opportunities lying ahead and stemming from new regulations and new infrastructures; from new technology applications to a new approach to human resources in the sector.
The director of SŽ-Tovorni promet, Melita Rozman Dacar, took part in the panel discussion Infrastructure: the Network for a New Supply Chain. She talked about the challenges railway operators in the region are facing due to poor state of railway infrastructure, and due to its major modernisation, which has a major impact on the performance of services. She also described the solutions of SŽ-Tovorni promet to ensure the maximal possible quality of services in spite of many line closures. She called upon state infrastructure managers in neighbouring countries to coordinate their construction efforts to minimize the duration of closures on international corridors. She also stressed that states could do a lot to improve international rail cargo flows by immediate actions, which do not require high funds, such as extending working hours of customs and other services.


photo: SBC