Environmental policy

At Slovenske železnice, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, and therefore make sure our day-to-day activities help preserve the environment for generations to come.

Railway transport is much more environmentally friendly than road or air traffic. At Slovenske železnice we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Thus, every day we act in a manner that helps preserve our environment for generations to come. This is demonstrated by our system of environmental care according to the ISO 14001 standard. In 2008, we managed to extend the validity of this internationally recognized certificate for the next three years.

Environmental policy of Slovenske železnice

By implementing the environmental management system, Slovenske železnice stand for the upholding of the highest standards in environmental care. Preserving our environment is an important part of our responsibility towards the society, sustainable development and partnership with the public.

The basic approach of our environmental management is preventing damage and pollution to the environment at the very source. We strive to reduce environmental and safety risks that might have negative effects to the environment.

Our leadership and employees are making constant efforts for maintaining the cleanest and healthiest possible working environment, rational use of energy and raw materials, efficient waste management as well as rational use of all other natural resources affecting our operations.

The demands for a clean and healthy environment are included in all aspects of our operation. In this way, we provide environmentally friendly and sustainable services to our customers.

Environmental goals

According to the adopted environmental policy orientations, the companies in the SŽ Group commit to:

  • monitor and control environmental impacts arising from their operation,
  • comply with all relevant legal and other legitimate requirements of environmental protection,
  • adopt adequate measures to reduce or prevent pollution to the environment in case of damaging emissions exceeding the legally permitted limits,
  • pay attention to the responsible attitude of employees and contractors towards the protection of our environment,
  • achieve indicative goals and implementation measures for continuous improvements to the environmental management system in practice. 

The ambitious environmental policy of the SŽ Group will be implemented by all employees together with contractual partners and interested stakeholders.