Information on conditions for guaranteeing rail transport services

Dear customers, business partners, dear colleagues,

Dear customers, business partners, dear colleagues,

In the last few days we have been facing a situation that is new to all of us, one that we have

not come across before. We would like to let you know that even during this covid-19 related

crisis situation we have been performing our services without significant problems.

SŽ Group has been striving to provide continued services to the best of our abilities, but we

have to stress that our priority is protecting our co-workers’ health. As a consequence we

have adopted several measures, some related to instructions given by state institutions, some


implemented by SŽ Group, to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus, to help keep our co-

workers healthy, and to perform our services as optimally as possible.


For the purposes of containing the spreading of the coronavirus, we have limited our

activities, and thereby the number of employees, to only those absolutely necessary for safe

rail transport and related services. We have also optimised and adapted the technological

processes in operative transport realisation. This means that we will be discussing the

optimal transport organisation in the current situation with you, and we will need your

support and flexibility in certain circumstances.