Trieste, Trieste Airport (Ronchi), Udine

Take a direct train from Ljubljana to Trieste, Trieste Airport, Udine, you can even take your bicycle with you...We wish you a nice trip.  


Take a direct train from Ljubljana to Trieste for just €8.00, to Trieste Airport for just €11.60 or to Udine for just €15.60.

Due to problems on the Italian side, the direct train is not running until further notice. However, at the scheduled times (according to the train timetable), a Siemens Desiro train is running from Ljubljana toward Trieste. Passengers should change trains at Villa Opicina and continue their journey further afield Italy. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding. We will keep you informed on any changes.



Ljubljana–Trieste C.–Udine

Station    trains 1824                1896
Ljubljana           6.00                 16.10
Postojna            6.56                 17.08
Divača               7.28                 17.40
Sežana              7.37                 17.50
Trieste C. (arrival at 8.39) 8.50  18.53
Monfalcone       9.13 
Trieste Airport (arriv at 9.17)9.18 
Palmanova        9.37 
Udine                9.52 

The timetable is valid from 9 September 2018 to 14 December 2019.

Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.
The train also calls at certain intermediate stations.


Udine–Trieste C.–LJubljana

Station         trains 1825                   1897
Udine                                                17.54
Palmanova                                        18.11
Trieste Airport                                   18.29
Monfalcone                                      18.34
Trieste C.                  9.01  (arrival at 18.58) 19.07
Sežana                     9.57                  20.08
Divača                     10.06                 20.17
Postojna                  10.39                 20.50
Ljubljana                 11.36                 21.48

Above times indicate departure times at stations outside Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations in Slovenia.
The train also calls at certain intermediate stations.

Price list (2nd Class)
Ticket type EUR

Ljubljana–Trieste C. 8.00
Ljubljana–Trieste C. – group 5.90
Ljubljana–Monfalcone 10.80
Ljubljana–Trieste Airport 11.60
Ljubljana–Palmanova 13.60
Ljubljana–Udine 15.60
Bicycle ticket 5.00


The price list is valid from 9 December 2018.


The trains allow transport of accompanied bicycles. Charger/power outlets are also available.

The timetable enables further links with regional trains from Trieste to Ronchi Airport, Udine, Pordenone, Treviso, and even Tarvisio, as well as connections with high-speed trains Freccarossa to/from Padua, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome. You can find timetables and more information on connections in Italy here. Tickets and seat reservations can be purchased at train stations with an international ticket office.

We recommend purchasing international tickets in advance at our train station ticket offices.
On-board the train, only full price tickets up to border stations can be purchased. Discounted tickets and special offer tickets valid for particular routes or trains cannot be purchased on-board.