Imagine the audacity of building a city of marble palaces on a lagoon. Experience the world famous city on water. Travel to Venice combining train and coach. 

Travel to Italy by combining train and coach

Trieste via Sežana

You can set off for Italy via Sežana with a new coach service, which operates between Sežana and Trieste six times a day. You will find the bus station in close proximity to the railway station. More information on coach timetables is available at

Venice via Nova Gorica

You can travel to Venice from the Gorizia Centrale Station in Italy, which is just 3 km away from the railway station in Nova Gorica (30 minute walk). You can get there by coach or taxi from the bus station on the Italian side of the border (200 metres or 5-minute walk from the Nova Gorica station). More information on train connections are available at the Italian Railways website.

Koper-Trieste by coach

Coaches depart from the bus station just outside the railway station in Koper and drive to the bus station in Trieste, which is also very close to the Trieste railway station. The Koper - Trieste coach service (detailed below) operates every day except on Sundays and Italian public holidays. 

Note: All tickets for travel around Italy (also from Trieste, Venice etc.) can be purchased beforehand in Slovenia at all international ticket counters and info centres in Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor.



Timetable is valid from 11. December 2016 to 9. December 2017.

Ljubljana-Venezia Mestre (via Villach Hbf)
Station MV 314
EC 31
MV 414
EN 235


Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.

*Times in bold type refer to changing of trains. 

Ljubljana 7.28 21.10
Villach Hbf - arrival 9.08* 22.43*
Villach Hbf - departure 10.16* 23.16*
Venezia Mestre 13.50 02.50
Venezia Mestre-Ljubljana (via Villach Hbf)
Station IC Bus 832
IC 213
IC 415


Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.

*Times in bold type refer to changing of trains. 

Venezia Mestre stazione
(Viale Stazione)
11.40 01.20
Villach Hbf - arrival 14.50* 6.05*
Villach Hbf - departure 16.53 6.25*
Jesenice 17.40 7.15
Ljubljana 18.32 8.13

Price list for travel between Ljubljana and Venice (2nd Class)




*Combined tickets – City Star SŽ-ÖBB return ticket for train travelling from Ljubljana to Villach and back + return bus ticket for travelling from Villach to Venice and back.

Timetable is valid until 12. December 2015. 



Offer type


Single ticket


Return ticket


Single ticket – REGIO AS




Return ticket – REGIO AS


Group (6 or more), per person


Group of young under 20 years (6 or more), per person


City Star SŽ-ÖBB – one person


City Star SŽ-ÖBB - two persons


City Star SŽ-ÖBB - three persons


City Star SŽ-ÖBB - four persons


City Star SŽ-ÖBB - five persons




Offer type


Single ticket for train EC 31


Single ticket for train EN 235/234


Single ticket for BUS 832


Venice is an exceptional and unique city thanks to its location, urban design as well as priceless art treasures. On top of that, we should add the legends, history and important personae making up the exceptionally varied character of the Venetian world. At first, the city was a scattering of refugee huts in the lagoon, which later developed into a global power in national, military and artistic sense.

Numerous events that take place in Venice must not be ignored, from the carnival to the regatta, from concerts, theatre and film festivals to artistic and historical exhibitions, all of which attract global audiences. Every visitor is also fascinated by the daily Venetian life on the water. The city is an environment free of cars with a thrilling and calming effect, regardless of where we are, Saint Mark's Square crowded with tourists or secluded city outskirts where tourists rarely venture.

The whole world comes to admire this beautiful city with numerous sights, great heritage, and a lifetime’s worth of treasures to explore. Luckily, Venice is close by, so daily trips are possible from Slovenia.