Transnational toolboxes for improving public transport accesibility in central European border and cross-border regions.  



CONNECT2CE project has worked on analysis of the current situation of Central Europe peripheral and cross-border accessibility to regional/national/European networks and hubs in order to provide tools and toolboxes to help decision makers take the measures and prepare specific projects for gradual improvement of the situation. A role of decision makers can be taken by any entity, authorised for improvement of cross-border public transport, i.e. public authority, transport agency or transport operator.


Three different Toolboxes are implemented, to cover the three min topics addresses by CONNECT2CE

The toolbox gives the user practical guidelines on implementation of improvement system or service in cross-border public transport – HOW TO DO a project implementation plan.
Toolboxes, developed in the CONNECT2CE project, are focussed to 3 types of intervention for public transport improvement. The toolboxes are available for download:
1.      Transnational toolbox for improving regional and cross-border railway and public transport connections (final version)
2.      Transnational toolbox for applying multimodal tariff schemes and ticketing in Central Europe (final version)
3.      Transnational toolbox for implementing info-mobility systems in Central Europe  (final version)

The aim of transnational toolboxes is to facilitate improvement of peripheral and cross-border accessibility
in Central Europe to regional, national and European networks and

The objective of the transnational toolboxes is to provide practical guidance for public authorities and passenger transport operators for implementation of measures to improve public transport in the area.
Objective of transnational tools is to provide the user with identification of different options when strategically planning improvement of cross-border public transport connectivity and suggestions to choose among them (WHAT TO DO). The tools are available on EUSurvey web platform: