The fastest way to get from Gorenjska to Primorska! The easy and safe way to travel through the Bohinj tunnel. Take your car by train from Bohinjska Bistrica over Podbrdo to Most na Soči. Bicycles can also be taken on the trains.

Motorail services operating through the Bohinj tunnel, connect Bohinjska Bistrica, Podbrdo and Most a Soči with Gorenjska and Primorska. The service operates on the Gorica line daily. The motorail service will can carry cars, vans, light lorries and mobile homes. Vehicles must not exceed 3 metres in height and 2,4 meteres in width.

Timetable and price list

Motorail route Bohinjska Bistrica - Most na Soči
Vehicles are loaded onto the train 10 minutes before departure.
* Runs from 25.4. to 27.9.2015.
Bohinjska Bistrica9:0011:3614:1016:5021:00
Most na Soči9:51--17:3121:35
Motorail route Most na Soči - Bohinjska Bistrica
Vehicles are loaded onto the train 10 minutes before departure. You can also bring your bicycle on the train.
* Runs from 2654. to 27.9.2015.
Most na Soči7.3410:35--18:31
Bohinjska Bistrica8:1311:1513:2515:5019:09

Car transportation price list


No supplement will be charged for half-trailers weighing less than 750 kg. A 5,00 euro one-way supplement will be charged for mobile home trailers or boats, and a 8,40 euro supplement will apply for return fares.

Purchasing tickets

The ticket for the motorail train can be purchased from the conductor on board.

International Motorail Services.


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Call center

Phone: +386 1 29 13 332
+386 1 29 13 391 (8.00 - 16.00)


Opening hours: from 6.00 to 22.00

Automatic answering service :
090 93 9801