Up to 30 percent discount on trains which run 5 times a day direct to Zagreb and back.

Timetable and price list

Ljubljana - Zagreb
StationMV 499MV 415IC 211EC 213411
Above times indicate the departure time in Slovenia, respectively the arrival time at stations outside Slovenia.
Zidani Most7.129.1715.4119.2722.02
Zagreb Gl. kol.8.3710.4517.1220.5323.30
Zagreb - Ljubljana
StationEC 212IC 210MV 414MV 498410
Above times indicate the departure time at stations outside Slovenia, respectively the arrival time at stations in Slovenia.
Zagreb Gl. kol.6.5012.3518.3721.204.50
Zidani Most8.1614.1720.0422.476.25

Ljubljana-Zagreb Tickets (2nd Class)

Why Zagreb?

Did you know that in 1906 the Croatian S. Penkala was the first in the world to patent the pencil and the fountain pen? Did you also know that neck ties originated in Croatia? In the 17th century, Croatian soldiers began to tie adornments around their necks (Croat – cravat).

Croatia is our neighbour; Zagreb is geographically the closest foreign capital to Slovenia. Visitors from Slovenia are attracted by the variety of cultural sights and events, and to see at least one fairs, a tradition from the 19th century when the first international trade show was held in 1864.

And finally – regular train connections between Slovenia and Zagreb are very good value.


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