Travel to the capital of Bavaria with a choice of three direct daily train services from just 29 euros. You can also book yourself a couchette or sleeper carriage.

The capital of the state of Bavaria offers a unique blend of old times and new technology. You can visit the castles of King Ludwig II, palaces of the Bavarian Dukes, science museum, botanical gardens and many other sights. When you feel like taking a rest, make a beeline for the largest urban park in the world, which is situated on the banks of the Isar River and stretches seven kilometres in length. Shopping in Munich is also very tempting, particularly during the sales.

Munich provides entertainment for eager crowds with the annual Oktoberfest. Even without the famous festival, Munich has plenty of beer halls, where they serve a wide range of typical and rather more unusual beers.


Timetable is valid from 11. December 2016 to 9. December 2017.

Station EC 314
EC 114
EC 212 IC 210
EC 110
EN 498**


Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.

*Times in bold type refer to changing of trains.

**Sleeper and couchette coaches available. 

Ljubljana 7.27 9.23 15.27 23.55
Kranj 7.53 9.43 15.52 0.16
Jesenice 8.27 10.17 16.27 0.50
Villach Hbf - arrival 9.08* 10.58 17.09* 1.31
Villach Hbf - departure 9.16 11.16 17.16* 1.46
Salzburg Hbf 12.00 13.48 19.48 4.04
München 13.41 15.41 21.42 6.10
Station EC 111 
IC 211
EC 213 EC 115
IC 315
EN 499**


Above times indicate departure times at stations outside Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations in Slovenia.

*Times in bold type refer to changing of trains.

**Sleeper and couchette coaches available. 

München 8.18 12.17 14.17 23.35
Salzburg Hbf 10.12 14.12 16.12 1.34
Villach Hbf - arrival 12.43* 16.43 18.43* 3.57
Villach Hbf - departure 12.53* 16.53 18.53* 4.15
Jesenice 13.33 17.33 19.33 4.55
Kranj 14.10 18.11 20.20 5.38
Ljubljana 14.31 18.32 20.41 5.59

Price list for travel to München (2nd Class)

Destination and ticket type  EUR


*The number of Smart tickets is limited and applies to travel in 2nd Class coaches. Smart tickets are valid for travel with trains 113/213. Tickets are valid only for the date and train issued. Return of purchase money or exchange of tickets is not possible. Smart and SparNight tickets also do not allow changing to a higher class (1st) coach or paying extra for sleepers/couchettes. The Smart offer is not valid on Fridays. Smart and SparNight tickets are not available for purchase when the ticket booking system is down due to obstacles in traffic. SparNight tickets can be purchased up to 3 days before the train departure.

Timetable is valid from 11. December 2016. Transport route: Jesenice - Salzburg


Single ticket for travel with train 212/213

Smart* - level 1 29,00
Smart* - level 2 39,00

Return ticket

 München Spezial 97,20
Single tickets Spar Schiene/Spar night, for train 499/498** Price level 1       Price level 2    Price level 3
single ticket for seat 39,00                     49,00             59,00
Berth - 6 persons 59,00                     69,00             79,00
Berth - 4 persons 69,00                     79,00             89,00
Tourist 79,00                     89,00             99,00
Double 99,00                   109,00            119,00

München Spezial

When travelling with München Spezial, you can save up to 50%. München Spezial is a ticket for 2nd Class coaches travelling between Ljubljana – München – Ljubljana, valid for 15 days. Children from 6-12 years have a 75% discount.

The number of tickets available at a special discounted price is limited. Therefore, purchasing in advance is recommended. Tickets can be purchased up to 2 months before travel and are valid for travel in 2nd Class coaches. More information on low fare offers.