You can travel to the Croatian capital of Zagreb and back with four direct trains a day and use up to 30% discount on train tickets. 

You can travel to the Croatian capital of Zagreb and back with four direct trains a day and use up to 30% discount on train tickets. Young passengers in groups of 6 or more have a 70% discount on their train tickets to foreign cities. You can also travel with low fare City Star International tickets.


Timetable is valid from 11. December 2016 to 9. December 2017.

Station MV 499 MV 415 IC 211 EC 213 411* 


Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.

Ljubljana 6.20 8.25 14.45 18.35 21.05
Zidani Most 7.12 9.17 15.41 19.28  
Dobova 8.05 10.12 16.39 20.21  
Zagreb Gl. kol. 8.37 10.43 17.10 20.52 23.36
Station EC 212 DC 210 MV 414 MV 498 410**
Above times indicate departure times at stations outside Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations in Slovenia. Tran 410** run from 23./24. December to 15./16. January 2017 and  from 25./26 June to 11./12. September 2017. Tran 411* run from 22./23. December to 14./15. January 2017 and  from 24./25. June to 10./11. September 2017.  
Zagreb Gl. kol. 6.55 12.37 18.37 21.20 4.37
Dobova 7.26 13.08 19.08 21.51 5.08
Zidani Most 8.22 14.16 20.04 22.46 6.10
Ljubljana 9.15 15.10 20.57 23.39 7.08

Price list for travel to Zagreb (2nd Class)

Ticket type and route EUR

Zagreb Spezial/one-way ticket (Ljubljana - Zagreb)

Zagreb Spezial/return ticket (Ljubljana - Zagreb)



Zagreb Spezial/one-way ticket (Celje - Zagreb) 9.00
Zagreb Spezial/one-way ticket (Maribor - Zagreb) 12.00
Group (6 or more)*  
Ljubljana-Zagreb 20.00
Celje-Zagreb 14.60
Maribor-Zagreb 25.60
Group of young (6 or more)**  
Ljubljana-Zagreb 12.00
Celje-Zagreb  8.80
Maribor-Zagreb 15.40
City Star  
1 passenger 20.20
2 passengers 30.80
3 passengers 40.40
4 passengers 50.00
5 passengers 60.60
1 passenger 20.20
2 passengers 30.30
3 passengers 40.40
4 passengers 50.00
5 passengers 60.60
1 passenger 35.20
2 passengers 52.80
3 passengers 70.40
4 passengers 88.00
5 passengers 105.60

*Price is for one person.

**Price is for one person under 20 years.



Why Zagreb?

Croatia is Slovenia’s neighbouring country and Zagreb is the closest foreign capital to Ljubljana. Visitors from Slovenia are attracted by variety of cultural sights, events, and numerous fairs, traditionally reaching back to the 19th century when the first international trade show was held in 1864.

Did you know that in 1906 the Croatian S. Penkala was the first in the world to patent an automatic pencil known today under the name of mechanical pencil? In 1907 Penkala also patented the first solid-ink fountain pen, a predecessor of today’s ballpoint pen. Did you know that neck ties originated in Croatia? In the 17th century Croatian soldiers began to tie adornments around their necks (Croat – cravat).

Tips for a trip to Zagreb

Visit to the old town: A walk from the train station to the main Zagreb square – Ban Jelačič Square is a nice sightseeing tour passing King Tomislav Square, the palace of Zagreb’s archaeological museum, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Modern Gallery towards the Zrinjevac Park. You can visit Zagreb’s cathedral, which is the largest sacral building in Croatia, and walk through the famous Stone Gate leading to Zagreb’s Upper Town. Here you find St Mark’s Church, the palace of Croatian parliament and the mansion called Banski dvori, the former residence of Civil Governor of Croatia and today’s seat of the Croatian government. 

Advent in Zagreb: In November and December you can take a walk through the annual Christmas fair, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, treat yourself with delicacies from festive stands, take a round tour with the Christmas tram and much more.

Zagreb ZOO: The city zoo is located within Maksimir, which is a more than 200 years old park near the heart of the city. Therefore, it is a popular place for relaxation and entertainment. The visitors can see various animal species, from mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians to fish from almost all continents. More information on Zagreb’s zoo is available at   

To reach Maksimir from the main train station, take the Tram 4 driving from Zagreb Gl. Kol. in direction East. More information on tram services is available at