Two direct trains a day take you to Rijeka, the third largest city, biggest port and important tourist travel hub in Croatia. 

You can travel to Rijeka with up to 30% discount. Young people in groups of 6 or more have a 70% discount. If you travel in a group, a good alternative is also a City Star International ticket.

The railway line to Rijeka was built in 1873, providing Rijeka with a direct connection to Vienna and thus increasing its city status. Today, Rijeka is a renowned port and the economic heart of Istria. For passengers from Slovenia it is often a springboard, a place where they leave terra firma and continue their journey (vacation bound) on one of many boats or ferries. You might take a short journey to the nearby islands, or perhaps a mini cruise to Greece. Since the railway station and port are closely connected, you will not experience any problems changing modes of transport.


Station MV 481 MV 483
Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.
Ljubljana 6.35 15.10
Postojna 7.32 16.10
Opatija-Matulji 9.08 17.43
Rijeka 9.25 18.00
Rijeka -Ljubljana
Station MV 482 MV 480
Above times indicate departure times at stations outside Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations in Slovenia.
Rijeka 11.55 20.50
Opatija-Matulji 12.12 21.07
Postojna 13.51 22.40
Ljubljana 14.48 23.39

Price list for travel to Rijeka (2nd Class)

Ticket type and route EUR
Reka Spezial - adults - one-way 9.00
Reka Spezial - adults - return 18.00
Reka Spezial - children- one-way 4.50
Reka Spezial - children - return 9.00
Group (6 or more)*  20.60
Group of young (6 or more)** 12.40
City Star International  
City Star SŽ-HŽ  for 1 person - return 22.20
City Star SŽ-HŽ  for 2 person - return 33.30
City Star SŽ-HŽ  for 3 person - return 40.00
City Star SŽ-HŽ  for 4 person - return 50.50
City Star SŽ-HŽ  for 5 person - return 60.60
 Timetable is valid from 11. December 2016.

*Price is for one person.

**Price is for one person under 20 years