You can travel to Opatija with up to 30% discount. 

You can travel to Opatija with up to 30% discount. Young people in groups of 6 or more have a 70% discount. If you travel in a group, a good alternative is also a City Star International ticket. Since the ride to Opatija takes about two hours and a half in one direction, it is a wonderful opportunity for a one-day trip by train – swimming in the summer and escaping the cold weather during the winter.

Opatija, often called the “Nice of the Adriatic”, is one of Croatia's most renowned tourist destinations, and a town with the longest tourist tradition on the eastern Adriatic shores. Opatija was the first Adriatic resort to introduce tourism statistics in 1883. The first hotel, named Kvarner, was built with Austrian investment in 1884 right on the coast. Others followed, and today Opatija has around twenty hotels as well as numerous restaurants and sport and leisure centres. Opatija's fame has eventually spread across Europe. As an elite tourist resort, the town has played host to some eminent visitors, including princesses and kings.



Timetable is valid from 10th December 2017 to 8th December 2018.

Ljubljana-Opatija Matulji
Station MV 481 MV 483
Above times indicate departure times in Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations outside Slovenia.
Ljubljana 6.35 15.10
Postojna 7.32 16.11
Opatija-Matulji 9.08 17.43


Station MV 482 MV 480
Above times indicate departure times at stations outside Slovenia, respectively arrival times at stations in Slovenia.
Opatija-Matulji 12.12 21.07
Postojna 13.52 22.45
Ljubljana 14.48 23.39


Price list for travel to Opatija (2nd Class)

Ticket type and route EUR
 Price list is valid from 9. December 2017.

*Price is for one person.

**Price is for one person under 20 years


Opatija (Reka Spezial) one - way ticket

Opatija (Reka Spezial) return ticket



  Group (6 or more)*, per person 19.60
  Group of Young (6 or more)**, per person 11.80
  City Star International  
   1 passenger 20.20
   2 passengers 30.30
   3 passengers 40.40
   4 passengers 50.0
   5 passengers 60.60