Train types


follow There are different types of trains operating on the Slovenian Railways network. They can be identified according to their respective code on the timetable. InterCity Slovenia (ICS): equipped with air-conditioning and a tilting system, ICS can travel at high speed and provide more comfort. They facilitate travel for wheelchair users and offer a range of additional services. Food and beverages are available at the buffet car, and are free-of-charge for passengers travelling First Class. Moreover, First Class is also equipped with free access to electrical outlets. Passengers who travel with ICS have access to parking facilities at certain stations. ICS trains run a regular return service between Ljubljana and Maribor throughout the year. In summer, on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on public holidays, ICS also operates a return service between Maribor and Koper via Ljubljana. Seat reservation is required on all ICS trains, and the associated fee is included in the fare.  You may view ICS trains here.

source url купить Порох Тулун InterCity (IC):  IC stands for trains which operate long-distance domestic and international services, connecting major cities and important business and tourist locations. The trains feature comfortable carriages and shorter journey times owing to fewer stops. Catering facilities are available on most IC trains. The ticket fare includes an IC supplement. see url EuroCity (EC):  EC refers to international trains which run major international services, connecting important business and tourist locations in both Slovenia and Europe. Journey times are lower compared to regional trains and involve fewer stops. Most of them have air-conditioning and provide catering. Like with IC, the ticket fare includes an EC supplement. Логойск купить Шмыг International trains (MV): MV stands for trains operating international services with few stops. When travelling in domestic traffic, an MV supplement is included in the ticket fare. go to link EuroNight (EN): are long-distance international trains which run at night, and include sleepers and couchette cars. The ticket fare for international destinations includes an EN supplement for the use of bed or sleeping berth. Moreover, similar to EC, an EN supplement is paid for a seat in a standard carriage when travelling inland. Some EN trains which run across Europe operate under special international tariffs with mandatory seat reservation. watch Regional (RG) and other follow passenger trains (LV) connect Slovenian towns on shorter and longer routes. These are intended primarily for daily journeys to and from work or to school. Seat reservations and supplements are not required to travel on these trains. Train types are indicated in the timetable. Buying tickets on board the train is subject to an additional supplement when there was a ticket office at the station at which you began your journey or if the ticket office was not closed.

закладки в Энгельсе When planning a journey abroad using the international connections tool, also note the following train markings:   

Купить закладки кристалы в Нижнеудинске ES-EuroStar – high-speed trains operating in Italy. Seat reservation is mandatory. 

купить Хмурь Снежногорск ICN-InterCity Notte – overnight InterCity trains operating in Italy. Bed or sleeping berth supplement is mandatory. 

какого дня начинается ломка с метадона ICN-InterCity Nagibni – tilting trains operating in Croatia between the cities of Zagreb and Split.

Купить Гарисон Форд Нытва CIS-Cisalpino – high-speed tilting trains running services between Italy and Germany via Switzerland. A train supplement and seat reservation are mandatory.

купить Айс Соликамск ICE-InterCity Express – high-speed trains operating in Germany. ICE Sprinter is the most recent ICE train, and can reach substantially higher speeds than conventional ICE. The sprinter operates services on the lines Frankfurt(M)-Berlin, Frankfurt(M)-Hamburg, Frankfurt(M)-München.

Купить закладки лирика в Рошале NZ-DB Nachtzug – overnight trains with sleepers and couchette cars which operate in Germany and between Germany and France. Seat reservation is mandatory. Some NZ trains operate under special international tariffs, with a fee for seat reservation included in the ticket fare. 

follow THA-Thalys – high-speed trains running on the Cologne-Brussels-Amsterdam-Paris line. The service operates under special international tariffs, with a fee for seat reservation included in the ticket fare.

Купить бошки в Велиж TGV-Train Grande Vitesse – high-speed trains operating in France. These trains operate under special international tariffs, with a seat reservation fee included in the ticket fare. 

go site CNL-City Night Line – overnight trains with sleepers and couchette cars operating between Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Special international tariffs apply, with a seat reservation fee included in the ticket fare.

Наркотики в Трехгорный-1 TRENHOTEL – overnight trains running from Paris, Milan, Zurich, and Geneva to Barcelona and Madrid, and back.  Special international tariffs apply, with a seat reservation fee included in the ticket fare.

EUROSTAR – high-speed trains running from London to Paris, Lille or Brussels, and back, through the Channel Tunnel. Special international tariffs apply, with a seat reservation fee included in the ticket fare.

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